First Priority Group and Blaze Emergency Equipment Announce a Strategic Alliance

MANCHESTER, NJ., January 21, 2020. First Priority Group (FPG) is pleased to announce the formation of a Strategic Alliance with Blaze Emergency Equipment Company (Blaze). The Alliance will enable FPG to offer New Jersey firefighting agencies an upgraded level of repair and maintenance services while sustaining focus on its Conversion and EMS Divisions. Additionally, the Alliance will provide firefighting customers with increased mobile service capability, more certified technicians and greater onsite field service.
 “I am very excited about this Alliance with Blaze,” said Alex Cherepakhov, CEO of First Priority Group. “Blaze’s Joe Howell has over 30 years in the First Responder community and a legacy of firefighting service, leadership and excellent customer relations. The Alliance will allow us to continue to respond to our firefighting customers while expanding manufacturing capability for our EMS, law enforcement and
commercial fleet vehicle platforms.”

Blaze Emergency Equipment Company has over 10 years of apparatus repair and maintenance experience. Blaze’s team of service technicians, many of whom are local firefighters are factory trained and EVT certified which will offer extended coverage throughout the State of New Jersey.
“We are enthusiastic about the opportunity to further leverage our capabilities through the expansion of our customer base. As Blaze grows in Brown Mills, so will our capacity to support more scheduled
maintenance and emergency repairs,” comments Joe Howell. “The opportunity is timely as we seek to increase our reach, expand our facilities and add versatility to our product lineup.”

About First Priority Group
First Priority Group (FPG) ranks among the top independent specialty vehicle dealers, manufacturers and service providers in the U.S. Established over 20 years ago, FPG’s depth of expertise and experience underpin a comprehensive platform of capabilities and one-stop
solutions for emergency response agencies through its EMS and Conversions Divisions. FPG is proud to be a distributor for Demers Ambulances, Braun Ambulances and KME Fire Apparatus.

About Blaze Emergency Equipment Co.
Blaze is “Firefighters serving Firefighters” and “EMT’s serving EMT’s”. Most of the Blaze staff is made up of past and present firefighters and EMT’s both career and volunteer. Blaze knows from personal experience how dependent you as well as the communities you serve are on your equipment and how the proper maintenance, repair, and sale of that equipment ensures everyone’s safety. The Blaze staff has a combined total of over 300 years of experience in the emergency service industry. Blaze employees know how to get the job done right by providing the highest level of service and attention to detail that you should expect for your equipment.