First Priority Group Introduces New Standardized ProductLines for Law Enforcement and Fire Sectors

FPG is pleased to announce the introduction of two new product lines for law enforcement and fire vehicle conversions - BlueTac and RedTac.

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Body Shop

Did you emergency vehicle get into an accident? First Priority Emergency Vehicles has the experience and skill set to fix it right. First Priority can have your ambulance back on the road, in service and looking new again.

First Priority Body Shop 

With over 20 years of experience, the First Priority Emergency Vehicles Body Shop repairs emergency vehicles back to looking brand-new. If your ambulance has been in an accident or your unit needs corrosion repaired and spot painted, First Priority has you covered. The Body Shop uses OEM Factory parts and matching paint as the factory to guarantee good-as-new quality. We cover all types of collision repair on your ambulance. Our services include ambulance body repair, detailing, painting and more.


First Priority understands the correct process to repair ambulance bodies. Our Body Shop uses premium body filler to make your ambulance look as good as new. The First Priority Ambulance Body Shop uses OEM Factory parts and guarantees 100% with any body repair needed.


Ambulance wrecked in an accident? First Priority has got you covered. First Priority’s Body Shop performs large and minor collision repairs for any ambulance or emergency vehicle. After a stop at the First Priority Body Shop, your ambulance will look as good as new. From small dents to major overhauls, you can trust the First Priority Body Shop to get your ambulance back on the road.


First Priority Body Shop guarantees your ambulance’s paint and finishes will look high-end once again. We prep the ambulance for primer, paint and a long-lasting finish. We have the capability to color match the striping to your fleet’s existing color. First Priority polishes all finishes with 3M products using pressure washers, hand wax and buffers.