First Priority Emergency Vehicles offers it own line of Renaissance® Ambulance remounts. We take your existing ambulance module off an older chassis and remount it onto a new chassis. We also maintain a stock of remounted ambulances available for immediate purchase. By choosing an ambulance remount versus new, the end user stands to save a substantial amount of money when compared to purchasing a brand new ambulance. The Elizabeth Fire Department, one of New Jersey’s largest cities operates a fleet of Renaissance® Ambulance Remounts.

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Braun Ambulances ar custom designed to meet customer specifications and exceed expectations. Innovations such as the SOLIDBODY™ construction and EZ GLIDE™ door make BRAUN EMERGENCY VEHICLES the best in the industry.

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Demers Ambulances are some of the toughest on the road, with a design and details that not only contribute to a safer, smarter workplace, but also to the lowest total cost ownership in the industry.

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