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Electric Vehicle Service
First Priority GreenFleet is the largest Commercial EV Service Provider in the nation. We provide service to all types of electric vehicles.
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Electric Bus Sales
First Priority GreenFleet is the authorized dealer for Trans Tech Buses in the state of California.
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End-of-Use Decommissioning
As legacy EV vehicles are approaching “End of Use” (EOU) and cost to repair exceeds the value of the vehicles, end users will need an alternative path to retire and dispose of EV E-waste such as HV battery packs. Along with disposal of E-waste, consideration must be given to safely removing HV battery packs and systems as internal and external connections may be live and can cause shock hazards and HV shorts if not properly removed and isolated.
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Electric Vehicle Training Programs
First Priority GreenFleet has developed a comprehensive program designed to train drivers and fleet mechanics on EV operations for electric trucks and school buses. We have the trained personnel for some of the world’s largest fleet-based operators in the world.
First Priority GreenFleet Vehicle To Grid
First Priority GreenFleet helps offer your team with Vehicle-to-Grid services.
Meet the ABLE
First Priority GreenFleet is the authorized dealer for the All-Electric Utility Compact Vehicle.
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