ABLE Trades 

Low Maintenance - High Productivity

The ABLE Sweep is equipped with the Schwarze® SuperVac Aero and utilizes both the performance and the substantial payload capacity of the ABLE platform to do the work of a full-size sweeper truck.

An ABLE Base

The ultra-compact ABLE Sweep is ideal for tight spaces. It is remarkably maneuverable with a 12.5 foot turning radius. This low-cost, ultra low-maintenance truck has an estimated 144 MPGe, up to 4.3 M/KwH. It has a variable range of 40–120 miles, and top speed of 40+ mph on campuses and private facilities. Easy to charge, the ABLE plugs into any 110v outlet.

The Schwarze® SuperVac Aero

The Schwarze SuperVac Aero is a light-duty parking lot sweeper with a 2.0 cubic yard hopper. The blower fan system utilizes a backwards inclined closed-face radial type blower with 10 curved blades. Through testing, this blower fan system has been proven to be 70% quieter and use 20% less fuel than the fan systems on competitive models. With less sound pollution, this sweeper package can be utilized in busy commercial areas without disturbing the public. 


Low Maintenance, High Productivity

The Perfect Pair 

From the durable polyurethane hopper, soldered connections, electric motor, and EV engineered chassis, the ABLE Sweep is designed to be an all-around, low-maintenance workhorse. The electric head raising and lowering system makes it possible to back-up while sweeping, and it greatly reduces the amount of physical labor involved in moving between locations. The attached clean air blower conveniently allows the operator to remove debris from the cub without additional equipment. Using the included jack stands, the sweeping unit can be removed and a compatable bed package can be installed with Easy-Swap: The ABLE modular system that utilizes the flexibility of the design, payload & towing capacities, to change the bed package as needed.


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