Electric Medical Service Vehicle: Open Platform

The the ABLE EMSo is designed to carry one patient on a full-size, standard ambulance stretcher, and one EMS attendant with a Kimtek® MEDLITE® Transport (MTSTR-104). 

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An ABLE Base

The ABLE is an emissions free vehicle, making it safe to operate indoors, and with an ultra tight turning radius of only 12.5 feet, the ABLE is ideal to operate in spaces small or large. This low-cost, ultra low maintenance truck has an estimated 144 MPGe, up to 4.3 M/KwH. It has a variable range of 40–120 miles, and an electrically lmited top speed of 25–35 mph on public roads—depended on local laws—and 40+ mph on campuses and private facilities. Easy to charge, the ABLE plugs into any 110v outlet. 


The MEDLITE Transport is designed to carry one patient on a full size standard ambulance stretcher and one EMS attendant. The stretcher rides inside the MEDLITE® Transport and attaches in much the same way as the average stretcher is attached inside an ambulance.* The attendant's seat with seat belt glides on wheels and is able to be locked in two different locations along the guide rails to meet any emergency situation. The unit also has a secondary locking/securing security strap near the head board and 10 Velcro D loop security straps are included as a 3rd means of redundant securing if needed in rough terrain.


Low and Easy to Load

The Perfect Pair  

The enclosed cab** has room for two, and keeps the operators and attendants protected from the elements while waiting on the sidelines. Once in action, the floor of the bed package of the ABLE EMSo is only 30 inches off the ground, making it easier to lift a loaded stretcher into place. With a step-up bumper, sturdy diamond plate construction, steel hand rails, and extra security straps it is easy to load and transport both attendant and patient. 


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