Electric Medical Service Vehicle: Contained Platform


The ABLE EMSc is a fully enclosed emergency medical support vehicle that is is designed to carry one patient on a full size stretcher with two attendants, in an ASAP MedStat 500, and has room for two in the enclosed cab.

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An ABLE Base

This low-cost, ultra low maintenance truck has an estimated 144 MPGe, up to 4.3 M/KwH. It has a variable range of 40–120 miles, and an adjustable top speed of up to 40 mph on closed campuses. The ABLE™ boasts an ultra tight turning radius of 12.5 feet, making it ideal to operate in small spaces. Easy to charge, the ABLE plugs into any 110v outlet. 

The ABLE chassis is specially designed for electric utility vehicles—unlike many other EV manufacturers that use heavy and poorly balanced chassis that were designed for the internal combustion engines. The ABLE chassis is a lightweight, modular and well-balanced structure for high performance, efficiency, durability and versatility.

ASAP MedStat 500

With a focus on safety, privacy and utility, the ASAP MedStat 500 features a fully enclosed, all aluminum patient compartment that secures a full size cot and seating for up to two attendants. The attendant storage bench opens to both the interior and exterior of the truck for easy access to supplies. Additional storage compartments are located above the stretcher and next to the bench. A backboard mounting system can be used to carry a second patient.


Lightweight & Heavy-Duty 

The Perfect Pair

Whether you need an emergency support solution for events, recreation, manufacturing, construction or industrial applications, the ABLE EMSc is capable and ready to serve in remote locations, indoors, or on private campuses. With a lightweight aluminum chassis and ambulance compartment, the ABLE EMSc has a low center of gravity making easy and safe to maneuver in a wide array of applications. With a heavy-duty extruded frame, and additional features such as a step-up bumper, attendant hand-rails, and an enclosed cab, the ABLE EMSc will get operators and attendants to emergencies safely, swiftly, and keep them protected from the elements. 


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